How to Pray!

I want to suggest during these 21 days that you allow the Lord to choose a fast for you and that you pray three times a day.


Day 1: Read Jeremiah 25. Define types of captivity that seem to burden you (individuals, ministries, cites, and nations).

Day 2: Read Jeremiah 29. Praise God for His plan for the future. Let HOPE spring forth. Thank Him that He has an expected end.

Day 3: Read Jeremiah 32. Notice that Jeremiah had to buy a field as an act of faith. Ask the Lord to reveal any act of faith that He would have you do at this time in your life. Answer the question in your life: “Is there anything too hard for God?”

Day 4: Read Jeremiah 33 and Romans 8. Know that God has a plan to surprise you. Call unto Him and watch Him do things you would not expect. Know that His covenant will stand. He can pray through you when you do not know what to pray.

Day 5: Read Jeremiah 31. He has many blessings for us in the new covenant.

Day 6: Read Hebrews 8. Let Him define your priestly service for the future.

Day 7: Read Genesis 12. Understand the power of covenant. As born again Believers, we are grafted into the covenant that God made with Abraham. The war in the earth realm is over God’s covenant blessings. Covenant involves promise, commitment, faithfulness, and loyalty – even unto death. God is a covenant keeping God. He will war through His people to maintain His covenant in the earth. The blood of Jesus says to the enemy, “Hands off! This is not your territory!” Declare the same. 

Day 8: Read Genesis 15 and Romans 9. Let faith arise and feel God’s agreement over your life. Understand how you are grafted into God’s covenant purposes.

Day 9: Read Genesis 17 and Romans 11. See how the Lord can surprise you even when you think things seem dead. Also, know that covenant connects you to the blessings of the generations.

Day 10: Read Daniel 1. Daniel obeyed God and separated himself. Ask the Lord how to separate yourself from anything that is making you common in the world.

Day 11: Read Daniel 2. Let the Holy Spirit train you to assist in revealing supernatural wisdom to others.

Day 12: Read Daniel 3. Ask the Lord about compromise in your life. Ask for help to stand firm.

Day 13: Read Daniel 4. Let the Lord remind you of the power of dreams; may He activate the gift of interpretation in you.

Day 14: Read Daniel 5 and Psalm 37:1-5. Do not fret over evildoers around you. God has a plan.

Day 15: Read Daniel 6. Ask the Lord to reveal any plot of evil devised against you. Be at peace with your lions.

Day 16: Read Daniel 7. Bless the Ancient of Days. Let your enemies see the court that the Lord is preparing on your behalf.

Day 17: Read Daniel 8. Let angelic forces aid you in bringing Divine understanding into your situations.

Day 18: Read Daniel 9. Understand the power of identificational repentance and prayer. This is important for your bloodline, your city, our nation, etc.

Day 19: Read Daniel 10. Withstand and embrace breakthrough.

Day 20: Read Daniel 11. Do not be afraid to see the future that the Lord has for you.

Day 21: Read Daniel 12 and Revelation 4. See your future door.